Virtual queue system


Virtual Queuing Solutions for the New Normal

Our virtual queuing solutions are part of technological initiatives to enable safe physical distancing. It does not matter if your customers arrive unplanned or do not have a smartphone. With our solution, everyone will be able to be part of a virtual queue and will be able to wait for their turn safely. Once their turn arrives, they will be notified via SMS, WhatsApp or even an email.

Why our solution

As we see it, the solution will bring the following for you:

  • The solution will protect the name brand of your business as standing for the community safety.
  • Deploy Virtual solutions for safe and social distance queuing.
  • Protect your clients and your staff.
  • Control the number of people visiting your premises.
  • Reduce Long Queues.
  • Manage customer flow.
  • Optimize the Workforce.
  • Avoid Congested Areas.
  • Manage store/branch capacity as per health regulations